Posted by: Wikeepa | December 12, 2007

For Sale To A Good Home

Kia ora again Vibra-Train studios.

This is (was) our blog which had various posts and pages.  Most of these have been removed. I figured I’d contact you guys again and give you a bit more insight into our sale items that apply directly to you.  We would like someone to take them all off our hands, and would be willing to sell the banner and bottles for the crazy price of $500 ono !!!(postage and packaging not included).  The BCA is also still available and we have dropped our price to $15,000.  Please email if you are interested.

Vibra-Train Banner
Great for expos, events, and other publicity events.  We used it at the woman’s expo with great results, and handy to show people the different poses as well.


Carry case, retractable pole and banner


 Free standing banner

 Plastic Vibra-Train sipper bottles
We gave these as prizes, when people purchased concession cards and to sports teams to keep the Vibra-Train name close to everyones lips.  Vibra-Train name in white on two sides of the bottle.  Good for Xmas presents, or rewarding your top regulars.

Side by side with pump bottles

Standalone shot


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