How it works

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To firstly understand how Vibration Training works, it is important to understand how normal exercise is done. A voluntary stretch reflex is when you voluntarily move a limb or muscle by thinking about it (Walking, Running, Pushup’s etc..). This is done by sending a small electrical impulse from the brain via the central nervous system towards the muscle causing the fibers to twitch, and hence you have movement.

An involuntary stretch reflex is when an outside force exerts itself on the central nervous system (C.N.S) also causing the muscle to spasm (Myotatic Reflex). A classic example of this is when you are struck just below the knee cap and your leg kicks up by itself. This same rule applies to Vibration Training.

By vibrating your C.N.S you can cause every muscle to twitch at whatever hertz rating (vibrations per seconds) the vibrations are set at. So if the vibrations are set at 20 Hz then your muscles will move 20 times a second. Your muscles are capable of moving up to 150 times per second quite safely. This rapid movement causes the body to burn large amounts of energy (Kj / Cal) hence emptying the fat cells of their stored carbohydrates. For example, you can burn far more calories than you could during a normal gym session. The reason for the large amount of energy burnt is because up to 100% of your muscle fibers are recruited in Vibration Training, unlike normal exercise that only uses up to 70% of them. During a 50 Hz training session your muscles move 3000 times per minute and just in case you are wondering, yes it does feel like exercise.

The first workout process is as follows:

  1. Come to the studio and fill in a questionnaire (no appointments or bookings)
  2. We check the questionnaire for goals and potential issues
  3. Inform person of the workout, safety considerations, and make sure they are prepared
  4. Take person through the workout keeping goals and issues in mind
  5. Answer any questions during or after workout
  6. 15-20 mins, the person has had their first workout and can get on with life!

Its as easy as that – working out smarter and not harder by letting the machine force your body to work.  See you soon!


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